Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Marlon Brando wrote a pirate novel....

"Brando fell in love with t' South Pacific while filmin' t' 1962 classic "Mutiny on t' Bounty" in Tahiti. He later bought his own South Pacific island and, in 1979, proposed t' Cammell that they collaborate on a pirate story. "He made t' South Seas a great part o' his life. Clearly this story comes out o' t' books he read and t' thin's he learned about t' seas durin' his time out thar," Thomson said. "He was also crazy about Asian beauties."" "Set in 1927, t' book tells t' story o' a sea captain named Anatole "Annie" Doultry who, while servin' time in a Hong Kong prison, saves t' life o' a prisoner. On his release he learns he has won t' gratitude o' that prisoner's boss, a beautiful gangster named Madame Lai Choi San." Madame Lai proposes that Anatole join her in a robbery o' a British-owned ship carryin' a fortune in silver. Unable t' resist, he gets swept up in a tale o' pirates, a typhoon, a scorchin' sex scene and hand-to-hand combat. Publishers Weekly gave an upbeat review, sayin' "t' stylish result will delight readers who love movies, Marlon Brando, sea stories, Chinese pirates or adventure tales." T' Washin'ton Post was less enthused


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