Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ahoy, all ye barnicle-covered bilge rats....

mateys and wenches, Avast, I have a fierce fire in me belly fer me mate, ol Ron Wendt, ter raise anchor and set sail fer American waters this Christmas. To facilitate his journey, I'll be seizing all yer doubloons, err, I mean, ask'n ya ter make a donation ter my "Ron-America Charity." know ye where I kin find me some grog-filled mates who'd dig up some of thar buried trasure ta throw in with some of me loot so's we all kin dance a jig and swill a pint or two of grog with ol Ron this holiday season? I'll even open up me pub, Skull and Scuppers, fer one ferocious Ron-extravaganza if it works. Arrr, but ye can only come if ye throw in some loot, ye scurvey dogs. Me dear ol mum, bless her black soul, once tol me, "If yer not a friend a Ron, ye kin walk the bloody plank"* *Support the Ron America Fund, I'll pledge $200 bucks to start it off.. lets raise enough to get Ron back to the states. If it actually works, I'll throw everyone a big party*


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