Sunday, June 19, 2005

Articles, government corruption, freedom of speech, truth

Articles, government corruption, freedom of speech, truth Read this.. this is wild. Compiled evidence which proposes that the destruction of the World Trade Center was professionally done from the inside. The facts are very convincing and the fact that the steal was immediately removed or shipped overseas.. against the guidelines of the Federal Criminal Code which requires that stuff like that be kept for forensic testing. The article is interesting.. it presents both sides.. but the facts presented clearly lean towards conspiracy. Apparently, industrial steal of that quality only starts to weaken at 1300 degrees and the claim is that the fires caused by the burning jet fuel did not appear nearly large enough to reach those tempatures.


At 6/19/2005 11:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm liking this ArcticBeacon site:

'The Arctic Beacon,the last frontier of truth, is an alternative news publication and radio broadcast founded on the principles of free speech fundamentally protected by the U.S. Constitution.'

Hell, yeah. I can get behind that..

"Free speech was not intended to be a wreckless adventure in communication, but a voyage into diverse, conflicting and unpopular viewpoints.

Fuck yeah. Preachin to the choir here..

"This voyage, however, should be confidently navigated without overly broad financial, social or moral constraints. Unfortunately, the maintream media has never followed such a course. Instead, acting as an intellectual prostitute, lacking the courage to report the truth and express honest opinions."

Alright..a little over the top, but ok..

"That is not our intention here. The Arctic Beacon's "soul is not for sale." Accordingly, our intended course is formatted in a monthly, highly colorful news magazine covering but not limited to the following topics:
Government Secrets and Cover-ups;
Religious and Spirtual Phenomena;
Unpopular Science;
Suppressed Health Alternatives;
Legal/ Social Injustice and Environmental Protection
and Alien Presence on Earth and UFO Phenomena.

Uh oh...


At 6/20/2005 12:59:00 PM, Blogger Ed said...

"We need to raise $25,000 within the next two months in order to get the necessary funds to print our first edition. If you think the Republic is worth saving, then donate to Public Domain Publishing in order that the necessary money to let the truth be told about 9/11, the war in the Middle East, the destruction of the middle class and the corporate takeover of our country in general."

Hmmmmmm........this kind of reminds me of Scientology....


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