Sunday, April 03, 2005

Man Saves World.. and he's not even American

This is awesome... who can actually say that they single handedly saved the world (as we know it). This guy can. Apparently he had the opportunity to push the little red button which would have started WWIII and a nuclear holocaust.... and he didn't, despite the fact that the computer glitched and showed American bombs heading towards Mother Russia. Although, honestly... he didn't exactly save the world... just large chunks of it. That's still pretty cool. I think it'd be totally sweet to save the world someday... Maybe someday when I'm a dictator of a third world nation I'll flick open the little red button and decide to launch my nuclear weapons towards several other places with nuclear weapons... and then, on a whim, change my mind (thus, saving large chunks of the world, and myself, from annihilation). Now if I could somehow figure out a way to save the ENTIRE world.... (i.e. single-handedly shirting the course of a Texas-sized metiorite from its collision-course with the Earth)... that would be sweet. Seriously though, isn't it a little weird to think that if that coin had landed heads instead of tails in 1983... we'd all glow in the dark and have extra appendages?


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