Sunday, April 03, 2005

Law School Papers are not fun to write

Sorry my blogs relatively silent these days... I'm in the midst (is that a word?) or my last legal writing paper (Hells yes). I've got this crazy notion in my head that I'm going to live in Chicago over the summer. This has been kind of a tough decision for me because Chicago is expensive. However, I think my mother and I would have issues if I was home all summer studying for the CPA. For one, my prime study hours are after 11 o'clock at night. I just don't think this would go over very well if I tried to keep that schedule at home. Also, my seems to insist that I need a part time job this summer... so why not get a part time job in Chicago and use it to pay the rent? Incidently, I got an offer to live with a bunch of girls (my friends Kathy and Trish... and some ex-boylan girl named Colleen who I've never met). Anyway, nothings set in stone yet, but I'll keep ya'alls posted.


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