Monday, April 25, 2005

Aaron's Third World Nation

Sorry about the whole falling off of the face of the Earth thing. I think this is the first time I've gone so long without blogging since I started taking speed (Note: I don't take speed). Here's my little update: 1. My first final is on friday and my classes are over! 2. I'm going to be living with my friends Trish and Kathy over the summer. I'll also be living with some random Boylan girl named Kathleen. There's also a chance I'll be getting a roommate to split my portion of the rent with.... which would be crazy. Honestly, this could turn out to be either the best or the worst living arrangements in the history of housing contracts. (What? Did somebody say Love Hina?) 3. Ian came and visited me this weekend.. which led me to turn down the dinner/drinking with my criminal law professor which I paid $100 to win in an auction. I'm a good friend... and the law school kids I won the auction with are bastards for going without me. 4. I suck at being productive. 5. I'm signing up for 4 CPA review classes which are in Chicago and will start on June 1st. My parents are flipping the bill. Thanks mom and dad. 6. I need a part-time summer job... before June 1st. Thankfully the guy I'm renting from seems pretty cool about the whole rent thing so I'm not really worried about getting kicked out if I don't get a job right away. bleh.. one more thing to get stressed out about. That's about it for now... I like lists.


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