Thursday, March 03, 2005

Legal Writing Class

My legal writing professor is a crazy guy; he runs around the room, picks on people, quotes hip-hop lyrics, and gets "vindicitive" on people. He also says some really crazy things when he's teaching class. In any given one of my weekly legal writing classes you stand a good chance of hearing my Professor say many of the following things: "Drop it like it's hot" (used in the context of legal writing) "Keep it on 3; Ya'll are on 4.5 right now and I need 3" H.U.W.A.M. (pronounced huwam) and meaning Hold Up Wait A Minute The invoking of a famous philosopher.... Today's Example: "In the words of that great philosopher Lauren Hill... It can all be so easy but you'd rather make it hard" "I'm a butt, not a butt hole" (accompanied by a picture on the chalkboard) Possibly followed up with "You guys feel me?" Today he told somebody: "That absolutely unequivocally is a dumb question" (harsh) "Don't give me wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. I want hefty, hefty, hefty" (this one cracks me up) "What had happened was..." (imitating his daughter) He also has this thing with certain people where he calls on people every class to say their stock-phrase. In other words, he'll ask one certain kid questions, but the answer to the questions will always be the phrase "all the time." Ok, that's all I got... I just had to try and convey the rediculousness of my legal writing class. I'm gonna start a weekly update on crazy things my legal writing professor does or says in class. Oh, and I'm pretty sure he reads blogs because he told us so in one of his stories where he got "vindicitive." Did I mention he was a fantastic teacher?


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